10 16th, 2013


Facebook is a popular social networking site, and for good reason. It gives you the opportunity to connect with a large amount of people around the globe. You have a chance to catch up on others’ lives by viewing their photos, videos, activity, and other things. You also get the capability of showing off your latest accomplishments and events in your life. One common way people connect on Facebook is through applications, or apps. Apps allow you to play games and do other activities. You may have noticed friends asking you to allow apps in your notifications. Essentially, allowing an app permits posts and messages to go on your wall. For learning how to use these benefits, learn the basics of Facebook applications.


How to Use Apps

To access your applications, you should first log in to your Facebook account. When you go to the home page, you should see a left panel. In the middle of this section, you should see “Apps” and a list of applications you use. Click on this link to see more about your Facebook apps. You should be able to view a full list of apps you have used. Along each entry you should see a caption in the right column that indicates when was the last time you used the app.

You should also see a pencil icon right next to the listed app. When you click on the picture, you’ll be given a short list of options. For most apps, you can either “Add to Favorites,” “Edit Settings,” or Remove App.” If you click the first option mentioned, the app will be listed under your “Favorites,” which is another tab you’ll see on the left panel of your webpage. When you click on “Edit Settings,” you’ll get a new window presenting you with options for using this app. You will be able to adjust the app’s visibiliity to others and when you’ll get notifications from the application. You’ll also be informed on what access the app has to your profile and when the app last accessed it. Feel free to make changes to the app’s capabilities so you can control what other Facebook viewers see and how often you wish to be notified about the app. Essentially, you are altering how involved you want the app to be on your Facebook account.

If you want to add a new app to your Facebook account, this is pretty straightforward. Click on the application to lead you to a new window that will appear. You’ll be informed about the app and what kind of game it is. You’ll also be allowed to customize who sees your app activity by clicking on a dropdown menu. You’ll also be told what access the app will receive. You will get the option of viewing the app’s terms of service and privacy policy. You may click “Play Game” or “Leave App” at the top. Picking the first button will let you access the application. To see what your friends can view regarding your app activity, click on your profile and browse through the page. With this information, you should now know how to master Facebook applications.

Staying Awake In Class

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10 10th, 2013


If you are currently attending one of the many colleges in Salt Lake City, you are probably in class for a good amount of time during the day. While going to class can often be enjoyable, sometimes it is not so enjoyable.

Class can be hard to attend sometimes for many reasons. One reason is that the trek to get to class may seem very long and arduous.

Your daily route to school could involve walking a few miles, riding many buses, or driving through several towns. You may even have to bike to school in the heavy summer heat.

These scenarios probably sound familiar to you if you have to commute to school. You know the struggles of trying to get yourself to class every day.

Once you get yourself to class, you sometimes face a whole new set of struggles. One of the biggest struggles that students face once they’ve gotten to class is the task of trying to stay awake.

We’ve all been there. You finally settle yourself down in your seat, and then your body starts to slowly relax.

Before you know it, your eyes are closing and your head is bobbing and there is little you can do about it. Falling asleep in class can be very frustrating because it is often out of our control.

We may want to pay attention with all of our might, but our body might simply just want to sleep. In these circumstances, we may just have to give in and take a short nap.


But there are things students can do in order to prevent or manage sleepiness during class. One thing students can do is to avoid consuming sugars and carbohydrates before going to class.

Sugar will give you energy for a short time, but then you will come crashing down from your sugar high. Foods high in carbohydrates will probably make you feel more heavy and sluggish, which can contribute to sleepiness.

Instead of sugary or carbohydrate-rich foods, try fruits, vegetables, or foods high in protein. It has been found through research that starting your day out with protein is one of the best things you can do for your body and brain.

Another good idea is to go outside and get some sun. The sun does a great job at waking up our bodies.

This is why it is difficult to sleep when the sun is streaming through your window in the morning. If you’re feeling sleepy in class, go take a quick break outside.

You will get your fill of Vitamin D for the day, and you will feel rejuvenated. If you are finding that you must nap in order to get back on track, take a quick power nap.

Try to nap for only about 10 minutes. This should give you the sleep that you need to wake back up and continue learning actively in your classroom.

Many of the colleges in Salt Lake City provide top-quality education to students who want to obtain it. If you are one of these lucky students, make sure to take advantage of this opportunity by staying awake in class and learning all you can.

Studying Tips For Eager Students

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09 16th, 2013


If you have currently started school in one of the many Provo colleges, you are probably very excited. Starting a new semester can sometimes be overwhelming, so it is important for students to prioritize and organize before they begin classes.

If you are a new student, you most likely want to do well in your classes. The way that you are going to do well in your classes is by studying and learning the material that your teachers present in lectures.

But how do you study effectively? Here are a few tips on how you can do just that.

One thing you can do to better retain information is to study right before bed. The reason why this is a good idea is because while we sleep, the brain strengthens the memories that we formed throughout the day.

This means that if you study your reading material right before you go to sleep, then that will be first on the list for your brain to strengthen. Studying right before bed helps the information to be solidified in your brain and increases your chances of remembering the material on your next test.

Another great tip is to study right after you wake up. Right after you wake up, your brain has a lot of room to process new information.

If you study right after you wake up, you are putting the information that you want to remember straight into your brain. Another great technique for studying is to break up the information you’re learning into smaller chunks.

If you do this, your brain can more easily process the information that you are trying to learn. For example, if you have to learn a whole list of dates, try only learning a few dates at a time.

Once you’ve learned the first grouping of dates as well as you can, move on to the next grouping. Go back and revisit the first group periodically throughout your study session.

Another great idea for studying is to take frequent breaks. On average, a person can concentrate for 50 minute chunks at a time and still perform efficiently and effectively.

After 50 minutes is over, try to take some kind of break. Whether it’s watching a quick video online, or taking a walk around your neighborhood, try to break up the monotony a bit.

The fresh air will probably do you some good. If you are having trouble getting yourself to get back to work when your break is over, try setting at timer on your watch or phone.

Once the timer beeps, you have to get back to work. Do not let yourself make exceptions.

Keep the goal in mind of what you’re trying to achieve and remember that studying efficiently is the way that you are going to most quickly achieve your goal. Provo colleges are known for being excellent educational institutions.

Your college will hopefully work with you to help you achieve the academic goals that you have set for yourself. Work hard while you are studying in school so you can graduate and earn the degree that you desire.


Why a Gentleman Should Know SEO

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08 30th, 2013


In today’s ever changing world every gentleman should know SEO.

A gentleman should be intelligent and refined. As such, he should be able to locate information when he needs it and know how to use the Internet to his advantage. If he has any plans at all of doing any kind of work on the Internet, knowing about SEO is one of the core topics he needs to cultivate.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) probably does not work the way most people think it does. To the average Internet user, SEO is a complicated method by which sites get recognized. Basically this translates to the fact that most users do not even know SEO exists until they are not able to get the search results they want. Even then they still do not know it exists, but they will complain about the poor results of the search engine. In reality, they just are not using it correctly.

If you do not plan to do any marketing, you should at least know how to rank high in the various search engines such as Google and Bing. Otherwise you could be fumbling around online all day and still not finding what you need. Think of the Internet as the negative of the real world. In the real world, if you ask a question, you get an answer that is hopefully the right one. On the Internet, you get faster results if you search for the answer rather than the question.

For example, let us assume that you are searching for silver cuff links. If you ask where you can find silver cuff links you are going to get quite a few results that might pertain to what you were looking for and a whole lot that do not. You will even see where other people have asked the same question. You have to let the search engines know what you want so they can use certain search terms to find it. Instead of asking where to find them, simply tell the search engine exactly what you need like “silver cuff links Ralph Lauren”.

If you have a business online, understanding SEO can truly catapult your site to the top of the search engines. Knowing how this industry works by experimenting with various search terms can give you a leg up compared to your competition.

About the Author: Jerry G. is a gentleman and an author for 180 Fusion. He loves SEO and internet marketing.

Etiquette for my Stepsons

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08 14th, 2013

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be teaching etiquette to my stepsons on what to call their biological mother. The 5 yo asked two nights ago at dinner about his ‘old mom,’ meaning his biological mom whom he rarely sees anymore. I can tell he misses her and wants to spend more time with her but he is still learning the ways of differentiating between each mom and what to call us. Over a recent phone call with her, he’s called her ‘mother’ and she actually corrected him saying, “don’t call me mother, I’m your mom.” Not sure why she would refuse the mother title when she is one, but whatevs. The boys also call her by her first name then mom, so “(her first name)-mom” and I can tell she doesn’t like that either.

I think it’s ironic when I have so many bad things to think and say about her, that with the kids I have to refrain and teach them NICE things to say to their mom. So I teach them it’s not very nice to call someone an old mom or a new mom; just like it’s not nice to call someone fat. What a world we live in these days. Life is complicated anymore.

07 10th, 2013


Nothing can be more beautiful than a soft, supple, shining skin! You can have it nowadays if you take care of your health and you let yourself in the hands of the specialists. A skin doctor can offer you tailored treatments and you will be amazed by the quick results. In addition, this short article is going to offer you a few interesting tips and tricks if you want to look younger!

You should be serious about the way you look especially if you are a person that lives from his image. For example, if you are a TV presenter, model or singer, you really need to take care of your skin and make a good impression on a regular basis.


Most skin problems are caused by a bad lifestyle. For example, you might eat too much processed foods, you might smoke and drink on a regular basis as well. All these habits might have a negative impact on your skin. Also, insufficient hours of sleep will do you harm too. Therefore, make sure that you reduce the amount of bad substances that you eat or drink every day. Try to smoke less, eat less junk food and drink less coffee too.

As a result, your health will be improved and your body gets detoxified. You will observe quickly that your skin will look more luscious and more beautiful because less free radicals are affecting its structure. Keep these simple tips in mind and you will observe the differences in a couple of days.

Wonder mixture for the skin of your face

You might also want to mix a few tablespoons of green tea, brown sugar and face cream in a cup and apply the mixture on your face. It will nourish the skin and hydrate it. Leave it on your face for about 10 minutes and you will observe a big change. This trick should be performed a couple of times a month or even more often if you have time.

Minimal makeup

Different makeup products can take their toll on your face. It is a good idea to avoid using too much makeup and let your natural beauty shine from your skin. Think about the fact that these products contain a lot of substances and chemicals that might affect the skin of your face in time. As a result, aging signs will eventually start to appear prematurely. Don’t let this happen. If you want more tips and tricks, you can speak with a professional and browse the internet too because you will definitely get useful information.



Salt Lake City has a lot to do and see. Being nestled in the heart of mountain and valleys in Utah’s northern area, this city is one that claims a great deal of interesting things to engage in.

As such, this is a great area to visit, if you are planning on a trip. Whether you are here for business or for a vacation, there should be a lot of fun and interesting activities to occupy your time.

First of all, one cannot discuss a trip to Utah without mentioning all of the outdoor activities that can be done here. Utah is unique because it offers such varied and beautiful landscapes.


This state has mountains to climb, wooded valleys around then, deserts, lakes, and more. Any person who loves the outdoors should find something enjoyable to do in these conditions.

For some, the challenge and joy will come from hiking and conquering the mountains. For others, the fun comes from riding ATVs on the trails and seeking thrills at high speed.

Others may enjoy boating in all of its different forms. Utah offers opportunities for power boating, sailing, kayaking, and lazy tubing.

It really does come down to personal preference and what kind of experience you would like to have in the outdoor setting. There are activities for every level of skill and involvement to be found.

The city itself is also a very interesting place to be. Salt Lake it brimming with history, nice architecture, and features a diverse array of cultural opportunities.

Visitors can enjoy one of the many playhouses in the area, as well as films, sports, and art. There is a real emphasis in this area on creating cultural opportunities.

Whether people visit the planetarium, go to museum or art galleries, or want to go see a professional basketball game; cultural options are out there to suit every taste. There is passion and dedication to be found around every corner, as well as some surprises that are completely off the radar and may require a little bit of searching to find.

Food is one of the best features of the area. There is a lot of diversity to be found, featuring many different ethnic restaurants and dining options.

Whether it is trying a pizza, looking for great Chinese food, or looking for fine Italian dining, there are always opportunities to sate the palate. For many people, this is one of the best parts of the area overall, and it one to be enjoyed in every way.

Salt Lake City Hotels offer a stay within the city which is a half an hour from a staggering amount of activities. Whether you are off for an adventure at the great outdoors or are planning on seeing city life, this area is one which should offer a memorable experience.

There is something for everyone in this area of Utah. Whether it is beautiful views, adventure, culture, or food, the capital of Utah delivers- so make it a trip destination soon.


There are so many universities and colleges around the world which offer distance education, it can be tricky to decide which institution is best. I’m a big fan of ongoing education and love finding resources to keep learning from.

More and more people seem to be heading back to College or University to further their education. There are plenty of courses that can be done from a distance, which is a huge benefit if you are tied to one geographical area or don’t have time to commute back and forth to a course all the time. Today I’ll go over some of the top universities and colleges for ongoing distance education.

Each educational institution offers many different options, some of which are strictly virtual but most having campuses. Some schools offer courses with no admissions requirements and others are very strict with their admissions policies. Below are summaries of the top five schools for distance education to help you decide:

The Open University

Though based in the UK, it has partnerships with facilities throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, and states that they strive for the best education possible for their students, regardless of background or circumstances, and have no admission requirements. They have over 600 courses available from undergrad through research degrees. In addition to their fee-based courses, they offer certain free courses and materials through OpenLearn.

University of Phoenix

With 200 locations across the U.S., as well as world-wide online course offerings, the University of Phoenix claims they are the largest private university in the nation.

The curriculum is developed by experts in their field, but not all programs are available in full by distance learning. Tuition is quite expensive as this is a private university, but they offer many financial aid options. Courses are available from Associate degrees through doctorates.

The University of London

The University of London is the first university to offer online distance education courses, and they claim that the standard of learning is the same as those who physically attend at the institution.

Not only do they offer online distance learning, they have also partnered with universities around the world so that you can study in your locale, but still graduate from U of L. When doing so, however, not only would you have to pay your regular course fees, but also the fees to study in your area.

Athabasca University

As Canada’s Open University, Athabasca focuses on making the highest quality, barrier-free education available world-wide. They offer program and course enrollment virtually any time of the year for maximum flexibility.

They offer more than 750 courses and both undergrad and graduate programs. There is an extra cost for students living outside Canada, but course fees include most study materials and applicable student fees.

George Brown College

Also located in Canada, George Brown College offers a wide variety of courses and programs as part of their Continuing Education division. Because they offer full teacher feedback and support, they are known across North America as one of the top technical training institutions offering distance learning. George Brown offers many individual courses which can then be applied toward completion of their programs in business, health, law, I.T., manufacturing and others.

As seen above, the top universities and colleges for distance education all have one thing in common they offer world-class learning opportunities and the desire to keep their students connected. There are many other centres for distance education around the world each offering different benefits and options, so it is important for the student to thoroughly research to ensure his or her needs are met.

Do you have experience with a distance education course? Which school did you attend and what are your thoughts?

About the Author: Edwin is an avid fan of education and continued learning. He currently writes on behalf of robotics education course onlinerobotics.com. Edwin is a huge fan of ongoing learning and education.



When Jesus admonished the Pharisees for their doctrines, he told them that they only wash the outside of their cup but never the inside, the superficial meaning of this is that their outward appearance appeared flawless but they were no cleaner than a garbage bin on the inside. However, most people have a different approach when it comes to their houses, the inside is sparkling while the outside remains a horrible site or one that is ok, but could do better.

No words can explain the kind of confusion that brings out especially when someone walks through a clattered front yard only to enter into a clean immaculate house, that is just wrong. These guidelines will help you achieve a balance between your outside and your inside.

Get a landscaper

A landscaper is to your yard what an interior decorator is to your house. He or she will bear the responsibility of turning your yard to anything you envision, and like what any good interior designer does, a good landscaper should first ask you what you want to do. This brings into focus what you need and what can actually be done. Once you establish that, you can be sure that the landscaper will do everything he does with your initial thoughts in his mind only he will do it well or better than you had imagined.

Utilize your driveway

Driveways are meant for cars, to park or get into the garage. Traditionally nothing much happens there apart from an occasional game of basketball. However, you can bring them to life by adding some flair by planting flowers alongside the driveway; pave it to remove holes and other chipped rocks. The best technique is to use interlocking bricks that provide a smooth finish and a classy look. You can also use your driveway for garage sales and car washing for economic gain or charity.

Take care of your lawn

A manicured lawn speaks volumes about the owner of the house; they show a sense of responsibility, cleanliness and order in that household. It is not a hard task taking care of the lawn, make sure it is well watered, use fertilizer to make the grass healthy and replant in sections where the seed failed. This gives your lawn an equal look, which is what many people go for. To protect the grass further, install and construct footpaths that will protect grass from stomping and consequently lead to drying up.


Mom’s Day

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05 12th, 2013

I experienced my 32nd birthday yesterday. I never knew turning 32 would be so hard for a 4 and 2 year old!!! They had energy out the wazoo! Extremely hyper all day long. Very inpatient. They wanted to make the birthday cake right away. Then they wanted to decorate the cake. Then they wanted to eat it right away, but it was only 1:00 in the afternoon. We need to eat dinner before we have birthday cake. I know they are still learning but please learn patience ASAP! Haha as I need to have patience with them on learning patience. 😛

Anyway so yesterday was all about me. I don’t enjoy these birthdays in my thirties but if I must have one, then alright. We had a downer though, getting an email from the boys’ bio mom and her rude comments to my husband and I. Not fun to receive on your birthday, let’s just say that.

So today is Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to every mom out there, along with women who nurture kids who aren’t even their own. They deserve to be honored today as well. I wonder if there’s a Step-mom day? Anybody know? Today is my very first real Mother’s Day and it’s not going all that well. We went to church so the 4 yo could sing in the program for all the Mothers and he walked up, couldn’t find a spot to stand, so he came back down and refused to sing. Sad face. The boys were pretty rowdy during church, trying to walk around in places they shouldn’t, being loud when quiet is required, touching another little boy’s face in front of them, crawling on the floor, spilling the cereal treat we brought in a snack bag, not sharing the treat with each other, both going outside the main area with just me and being all crazy. I couldn’t take it. On top of all of their behavior issues today, it’s gotten hotter since it’s now summer and we don’t have our swamp cooler running just yet to cool down our house. Yesterday our house got up to 84 degrees inside and I was sweating just standing. One thing in life I hate is being hot and not getting any kind of relief. I need cool air to survive. Call me crazy, but I get very hot very quickly. So back to church today. During church I started sweating on my back and touching my back to the pew made my shirt a bit wet. Then I had to take the 2 yo out so I had to walk in public with a sweaty back and I was just mortified. I hate when things like this happen. Guess I’ll never wear this shirt again to church. I’d say today was the worst behavior from the kids during church so far plus I’m trying to listen and be uplifted while trying to hide my embarrassing back sweat. I mean, what a day! And it’s only 11:00 am!!!

The boys are supposed to spend time with their biological mom today so we’ll see how this all turns out. I dread the exchange. But I hope the kids have fun and are not sick when we get them back. Here’s to hope.

Well I hope your Mother’s Days are better than mine. I’ve already shed some tears and it’s not even noon. Beat that.

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